moon phase


Hello! Welcome to my corner of the internet where I'll talk about movies, fungi, and my general thoughts...and maybe art? WHo knows! This is my first attempt at coding by myself from scratch so please bear with my web design.


Now that I know that Spacehey is a thing... I'm not going to work on this anymore. Sorry! It takes a lot of effort to make a website from scratch and Spacehey provides the platform that I need without much of the work! I might come back here one day... But until then, follow me on spacehey @

Got a rough draft of the about page up. At least wanted to let vistors know who the webmaster is in a roundabout sense. I'll probably add a ton more to it later.. Just not feeling super inspired.

The media reviews hub is up! I watched this film today called Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell and it inspired me to finally start making that page. I'll get around to actually making the Horror page so I can make my actual review pretty soon. Cool stuff coming.

Got Cool Sites up. Was pretty easy now that I finally have somewhat of a grasp on float mechanics. Can't stop thinking about Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. Going to watch it again as a reward..

YAY the home page is at least up!!! I'll be working on the rest of the pages now. Thankful I'm finally getting the hang of this thing. Looking forward to perusing the rest of neocities too.